Fast forward..

To Jan 2018 – and here I am living back in the UK after living more than half of my life abroad, in Italy (I bet the few or 1 is working out how young I am). If you’d told me 2 years ago I’d be back living in the UK I would have never believed you or anyone for that matter. I am very happy to be here! The last few years in fact a lot of years have been very unhappy ones, not a lot of people knew that, in fact most people, the ones that don’t know me well enough would have probably thought my life was quite the contrary, it wasn’t but at this present moment I don’t want to or feel like telling that part of my story, sorry nosey Parker.

Today, this year, now, I have a new life alone, but with a few friends from the past & present, a few of those special people who have never given up on me no matter what, new friends have come into my life and those are like me with various problems as we all have, but positive people who are great to be around, and that’s all I want in my life and the future, no toxic, time wasting negative frenemies!